RV Accessories

Harold’s RV Center is your one stop destination for all your RV needs. Looking for parts and accessories? We’ve got them. Looking for service you can count on?  You bet. Looking for the perfect new or pre-owned unit? It could be here. Stop by and browse through our parts and accessory store. We may just have that special part you’ve been searching for or that ‘new gadget’ you’ve heard so much about and haven’t been able to find anywhere.

New & Pre-Owned RVs

Shopping for the perfect new or pre-owned RV? We have the one for you! From folding trailers to travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes, we have just what you’re looking for. Just getting started in the RV Lifestyle? Let us help you make the best buying decision you can.

RV Services

If service is what you need – give us a call. From professional expert repair work to routine maintenance, we do it all! Inspections for collision work, accessory installations, to rv appliance service and repairs, hitch installations to oil changes – we do it all.

Friendly & Experienced Staff

The staff at Harold’s RV Center is what really makes this dealership stand out. Real people answering the phone, warm friendly service, and knowledge to answer your questions, make your RV experience most enjoyable. The staff at Harold’s has countless years of combined experience. They know how to help you have the most fun with your recreational vehicle. Harold himself has been working in the RV industry since the early 1970′s and works in all areas of the business. Though most of his day is spent in the garage, he is here to help you with any of your RV needs.